With her diagnosis, Zola experiences good days, where she has the capacity to scoot on the floor independently, propel her manual wheelchair short distances, and participate in homeschooling. However, she also has bad days, where pain, discomfort, and immobilization make movement almost impossible and only her father can successfully transfer her safely. Zola and her parents need to be prepared for all days in addressing her function, safety, and independence. The family’s newly-constructed home was built with Zola in mind, but some features do not allow full accessibility. Her first-floor bedroom and bathroom are shared with her sister. The bathroom door swings into contact with the sink limiting space for wheelchair or bathchair mobility, and the roll-in shower is too narrow resulting in splashing and water pooling on the floor. Zola would benefit from a roll-under sink, a wider roll-in shower with proper drainage, and assistance with ordering appropriate DME for more independence in the bathroom. Improvements to the home’s side and garage doorways through ramping and changing door handles could increase Zola’s safe and independent access to the outdoors.

  • Project Cost: $25,163
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Project Needs

  • Installing a new zero-entry shower that is safer and more accessible

  • Pocket the bathroom door to increase space and mobility

  • Install a roll-under sink

  • Install a wall lift to limit manual transfers

  • Pour a new concrete ramp

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