The Assess & Retrofit Program serves families, regardless of income level because we understand there are unique challenges when caring for an individual with disabilities. Here is how our process works:

1. Submit an Inquiry Form

To get started, please submit an inquiry form, which can be found on our Apply page or by clicking apply now below. Please contact our Operations & Program Manager, Riley Beddingfield, at [email protected] with any questions.

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2. Financial Assistance Assessment

Every Financial Assistance Application is reviewed by our Financial Committee according to established financial guidelines to determine if financial assistance will be provided. If the family qualifies for full financial assistance, the cost of the assessment and project costs will be 100% covered by Tucker’s House.

Families may also qualify for partial assistance (25%, 50%, 75%) based on their financial applications. If a family does not qualify for financial assistance, the costs associated with the project are the responsibility of the family (100%).

3. Home Assessment

Once your application has been approved, Tucker’s House will schedule and conduct a Home Assessment. The assessment team will consist of a licensed therapist, an architectural designer, and a construction specialist. Together, they will complete an assessment of your home and write up a report with specific recommendations for your family. The home assessment cost is $375 that is billed on a sliding scale based on your ability to pay.

4. Home Modification Plan

The Tucker’s House team will create an individualized design plan and scope of work with your family. You will sign terms of engagement and a budget agreement (depending on your financial qualification) for the project to begin.

5. Construction & Retrofitting

Once your project is approved, then work will begin to modify or retrofit your home. Our Construction Manager will oversee all the modifications being made to your home. Qualified, licensed, and insured subcontractors will be used for all work on your home.

6. Post-Project Follow-up

You will have a follow-up with our Contract Physical Therapists to check on all the home modifications. There will also be training on any new adaptive equipment that is placed in your home.

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