Current Projects

Zola’s Project

Status: In Progress

Zola is a bright 10-year-old girl who lives with her parents, two brothers, and one sister in a two-story home in Spring Hill. Her diagnosis resulted in hundreds of fractures and frequent orthopedic surgeries due to the incomplete formation of her bones.

Meet Zola

Stella’s Project

Status: In Progress

Stella is a vivacious and sweet 4-year-old. Stella and her parents recently moved into their new forever home and are looking forward to Tucker’s House partnering with them to make the house as accessible as possible for Stella so that she can become as independent as possible.

Meet Stella

Greyson’s Project

Status: In Progress

Greyson is a 4-year-old boy who lives with his mom and younger brother in a basement apartment of his grandparents’ home. His grandparents assist often with his care. Greyson has several diagnoses that impact his ability to function independently.

Meet Greyson

Torrian’s Project

Status: In Progress

Torrian is 14 years old and was completing his 8th-grade year before starting high school when he was struck by a car while walking in his neighborhood.

Meet Torrian

Megan’s Project

Status: In Progress

Megan is a sweet 20-year-old young lady with a rare genetic disorder.

Meet Megan

Completed Projects

Shepherd’s Project

Status: Complete

Shepherd is an active 8-year-old boy who lives with his parents, 11-year-old sister, and twin 9-year-old brothers in their two-story home in Fairview. He uses a manual wheelchair that he propels independently on level surfaces for short distances and will be receiving a power wheelchair soon. Shepherd has several diagnoses.

Meet Shepherd

Carson’s Project

Status: Complete

Carson is almost 6 years old and has a rare diagnosis. This disorder is characterized by mild-to-profound developmental delay and intellectual disability.

Meet Carson

Christopher’s Project

Status: Complete

Christopher is a delightful 31-year-old who lives with his parents in their single-story home. Christopher’s diagnoses have resulted in Christopher being almost fully dependent for all mobility and activities of daily living.

Meet Christopher

James’ Project

Status: Complete

James is 42 years old. He is non-verbal but has a beautiful smile and loves people.

Meet James

Bree’s Project

Status: Complete

Bree is a sweet 9-year-old girl with a rare chromosomal disorder that affects only approximately 100 individuals in the world.

Meet Bree

Katelynn’s Project

Status: Complete

Katelynn is a sweet and happy 3-year-old little girl who lives with her grandmother. She is receiving therapies in the home and is slowly learning to sit up by herself and creep on her belly. She is very social and her smile speaks volumes

Meet Katelynn

Grace’s Project

Status: Complete

Grace is 16 years old. She lives with her parents in a two-story home, but her living space is downstairs. Grace requires maximum assistance with all of her activities of daily living.

Meet Grace

Yashu’s Project

Status: Complete

Yashu is fiercely competitive and loves bike riding, indoor rock climbing, and horseback riding. She also enjoys going to Nashville Predators hockey games, the beach, and live concerts. She loves animals and her dream is to work in a zoo when she grows up.

Meet Yashu

Alexis’ Project

Status: Complete

Spunky and full of life, Alexis loves dancing, swimming, riding her bike, hiking, and playing with her animals and her friends.

Meet Alexis

Karrington’s Project

Status: Complete

Karrington enjoys watching NBA basketball (he’s a huge LeBron fan!) He also enjoys hip-hop music, movies, hanging with friends, and chillin’ with his nieces and nephews.

Meet Karrington

Kevin’s Project

Status: Complete

Kevin stays busy with his tablet and electronic toys. He loves spending time with family—especially at home.

Meet Kevin