Greyson uses a positioning chair on a stroller base, which unfortunately does not function well in allowing him any independent propulsion or ease of use for his caregivers. None of the entrances to the home are accessible for a wheelchair and the rear entrance to the basement apartment requires walking down a steep decline outside next to the house. Inside there are 14 stairs going down to the basement. Bathing Greyson is difficult in their current tub, as he requires full assistance for safety and balance and dislikes using his current bath chair. Greyson would benefit from multiple modifications to add to the functionality and safety of his home environment and to promote ease and safety for his mother, grandparents, and younger siblings. These include addressing the accessibility of two entrances to the home, the outside rear entrance and front entrance, along with installing a stair lift for safe transit. Modifications to the bathroom would include a curbless shower and recommendations for an adaptive shower / toileting chair. Removing carpet in most living spaces and installing a solid surface floor will allow for easier mobility in a manual wheelchair and possibly Greyson’s own exploration of his living space through independent propulsion for short distances.

  • Project Value: $25,000




Project Needs

  • A ramp for wheelchair entrance into home

  • Install a stair lift for stairlift for safe transit

  • Remove carpeting and install solid surface floor for easier mobility

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