How Tucker’s House is Different

Tucker’s House is the only resource of its kind to children and young adults with disabilities in the community. We hear all the time that our process is unique.

  • Build Lifetime Solutions

    Our retrofitting solutions will serve the individual with a disability throughout their lifetime and assist them every day.

  • Create Functional Modifications

    Critical retrofits include installing ramps, modifying bathrooms and doorways to be wheelchair accessible, wall lifts, replacing carpet with solid flooring for wheelchair accessibility, along with other accessibility modifications. A therapist also oversees every phase of adaptive equipment selection, installation, and training.

  • Oversee Entire Process

    We oversee the entire home assessment and modification process. Our clients have enough to manage already with the needs of their households on a daily basis!

  • Offer Financial Assistance

    Families of all socioeconomic backgrounds benefit from the services we provide.

Tucker’s House makes a $600,000+ impact in our community each year.

*Figures based on 2022 annual numbers.

Clients Served
Projects Completed
Home Assessments
Accessible Bathrooms
Ramp, Safety & Adaptive Equipment Installs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your waitlist?

Our waitlist can vary depending on schedule, but we are typically able to complete the entire process in 10-18 months of when you have a completed and accepted application.

What is your service area?

We serve an hour-driving radius of our office located in Franklin, TN. We do hope to expand our service area in the future as resources allow.

What is your financial qualification process?

We have a financial assistance program based on household income. We are proud to serve all socioeconomic statuses.

How much does a typical project cost?

Our process is entirely individualized but the average project cost is $20,000.

What age ranges do you serve?

We do not currently have a defined age range for services but our scope is generally limited to individuals with disabilities who live with family members. We do not typically offer financial assistance to individuals who are aging in place.

Who does the work?

We use licensed and insured Contractors/Builders and professionals on all skilled labor. We will sometimes use volunteer labor on unskilled portions of projects like demolition or clean-up.

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