Meet David. David recently turned 6 years old and is a sweet and spunky little boy. His grandparents are his guardians, and he lives with them and his older brother, Saxon, in a single-story home in Portland. David’s Goliath was some needed home modifications to make his home safer and more accessible. David uses a manual wheelchair in the house. Due to his right arm’s weakness, he propels his specialized chair with his left arm only. The layout of his home, especially his bedroom and bathroom, made it difficult for him to access these rooms. The bathroom door was too narrow for his chair to fit through.

The greatest challenge for David and his family was bathing. His grandmother is his primary caregiver, so she does his daily bath. She had to lift him manually over her shoulder and carry him to the tub. She then lowered him to the tub. Afterward, she had to pick him up while he was wet and carry him to the bedroom to dress him. This transfer was very difficult and unsafe for both David and his grandmother.

To assist this family, Tucker’s House modified a new bathroom with a zero-entry shower and a roll-under sink that will allow David to be safer and more independent with these tasks. A new ramp was also built on the outside of the home for easier access to the house. The old ramp was too steep and not safe.

In order to complete the project, we relied on two major partners in completing the project. David Weekley Homes supported the project with funding and labor during their Build Month where they give back to the community. We also received financial support from the Sertoma Club of Nashville to complete this home modification project. We had great help in slaying David’s Goliath!

We consider it a privilege to be a part of these family’s stories and help provide dignity and inclusion for children and young adults in our community. We have a core belief that every child should feel at home and this drives us in everything we do.

Tucker’s House is a 501(c)3 non-profit in Middle Tennessee that serves families who have children with disabilities by making their homes safer and more accessible. We receive no state or federal funding and our ability to perform services depends on the support of our Middle Tennessee community. The average cost of a project is $15,000 and your continued support goes to help children like Bree and their families have safe and accessible homes.

Graham Honeycutt, Executive Director of Tucker’s House, to learn more or to donate visit