How does Tucker’s House help families?

We are the only organization and resource of its kind for children and young adults with disabilities and their families in our community. We provide financial assistance, construction management, and functional home modifications. Our unique process of pairing licensed therapists with architectural designers who understand inclusive design ensures that the modifications we make to a home will serve our clients throughout their lifetime and assist them every day.


See Our Current Client’s Projects

Shepherd’s Project

Status: In Progress

Shepherd is an active 8-year-old boy who lives with his parents, 11-year-old sister, and twin 9-year-old brothers in their two-story home in Fairview. He uses a manual wheelchair that he propels independently on level surfaces for short distances and will be receiving a power wheelchair soon. Shepherd has several diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, dystonia, spasticity, and developmental delay.

Meet Shepherd

Megan’s Project

Status: In Progress

Megan is a sweet 20-year-old young lady with a diagnosis of UBA5, a rare genetic disorder resulting in severe epilepsy and movement disorders such as ataxia and spasticity.

Meet Megan