Meet Chelsie. Chelsie is a 17-year-old in Middle Tennessee who has experienced challenges and trauma in her young life. She was involved in a car accident 2 years ago in which she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her older brother passed away in the accident. This time has been difficult for Chelsie and her parents as they navigate through grief and through Chelsie’s permanent disability that resulted from her injuries. Chelsie uses a manual wheelchair for mobility and is hoping to walk again someday. She requires some assistance for dressing and other activities of daily living but desires to be more independent.

Her home had limitations that were keeping her from being more independent and did not create a safe home environment for her. Chelsie’s bathroom door was not wide enough to accommodate her wheelchair. Therefore, her parents had to help her stand and take a few steps into the bathroom. Chelsie’s balance is significantly impaired so this proved to be a dangerous transition into the bathroom whether to bathe or toilet. The space in the bathroom also made independence for Chelsie prohibitive. In addition, some of the flooring in the house was uneven and made it challenging for Chelsie to roll her wheelchair throughout her house and access various parts of the house. Some doorways needed to be widened or adjusted for wheelchair access. Finally, Chelsie’s closet was not accessible for her needs.

Tucker’s House recognized the limitations of Chelsie’s home and with our unique process of partnering an architectural designer with a therapist was able to complete home modifications to ensure Chelsie’s home was safer, accessible, functional, and provided more independence for her. Chelsie has already experienced many challenges and could use a home that is a place of respite. Tucker’s House came on the scene and bumped out Chelsie’s bathroom to provide additional space for a shower chair and a comfortable bathing situation. We installed a roll-under sink to provide more independence for her. We widened and pocketed the bathroom door and other doors in her home for accessibility and to maximize the functional space in the home. We widened and extended her closet so she could more easily access her clothes and other personal items. We also replaced the flooring to allow for safer access to all parts of her home.

We consider it a privilege to be a part of these family’s stories and help provide dignity and inclusion for children and young adults in our community. We have a core belief that every child should feel at home and this drives us in everything we do.

Tucker’s House is a 501(c)3 non-profit in Middle Tennessee that serves families who have children with disabilities by making their homes safer and more accessible. We receive no state or federal funding and our ability to perform services for children like Chelsie depends on the support of our Middle Tennessee community. The average cost of a project is $15,000 and your continued support goes to help children like Chelsie and their families have safe and accessible homes.